About Patsy.

Patsy Biscoe is Australia’s original children’s entertainer, famous for her timeless renditions of favourite nursery rhymes that continue to have enduring popularity with children all around the world today.

Patsy is cherished by all those who grew up listening to her music and watching her on Australian television. With a career that began in the 60s, Patsy rose to great prominence in the 1970s and 80s with her regular television appearances on the children’s programs “Fat Cat & Friends” and “Here’s Humphrey”, one of Australia’s longest running TV shows.
Patsy has enjoyed immense popularity both in Australia and overseas, having released more than 10 albums of nursery rhymes, popular children’s songs and bedtime stories. Over the years, she’s sold over 500,000 units in Australia alone and achieved 30 Gold Records and a Platinum Record (the very first to be awarded in South Australia). Her albums have been released internationally in numerous countries including: New Zealand, UK, China, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, and South Korea.
In 1984, Patsy received the SA Great Award from her home state of South Australia, for her extraordinary contribution to children’s television and music.







The Early Years.

Patsy was born in Shimla, India in 1946 to British parents and moved to Hobart at the age of nine due to the Partition of India. She won a classical singing scholarship from St Mary’s College and would sometimes perform at a jazz club while studying medicine at the University of Tasmania. A car accident that damaged her eyesight caused disruption to her emerging career and studies. She went on to be finalist in the Australian talent quest TV show “Bandstand” and later recorded her first LP in Sydney with CBS Records in 1965.

A few years later in Adelaide, during her early appearances on “Here’s Humphrey”, Patsy caught the attention of a young music executive named John Evans, who observed that she had a unique talent. At the time, most of the available children’s records were from America and England. The recordings from America had a very different accent and the English recordings used a different vocabulary. Evans believed that Australian children needed someone they could relate to, someone with a voice they could identify with and who would sing the songs that they knew.

This was the beginning of a long time business partnership between Patsy and Evans, who became her manager and creator of Patsy Biscoe Productions and later, Patsy Biscoe Records.
In the early 70s, Evans arranged for Patsy to make her first children’s record. Although being heavily pregnant with her first son at the time, Patsy went into the studio, sat on a stool with her guitar and sang her way through what would become the landmark Platinum record “50 Favourite Nursery Rhymes”.


The Later Years.

When Patsy retired from performing, she began on a new path in Natural Medicine. She achieved a Bachelor of Naturopathy and became a member of the Australian Natural Practitioners Association. Patsy has always been active member of the community, with her outstanding merits having seen her recognized as part of the “Who’s Who of Australian Women” and the “South Australian Women’s Honour Roll”. Patsy continues to reside in the Barossa Valley region and to be highly involved with her local community. Her contributions have included serving as: Deputy Mayor on the Barossa Council, Vice President on the Barossa Arts Council, Board Member and Presenter for BBB FM Community Radio and Chair of the Tanunda Town Committee. In 2009, she was inducted into the Barons of Barossa fraternity that promotes Barossa winemaking and viticulture industries.